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Grindstone General Contracting believes landscaping services should be upfront, honest, and helpful. To that end, we’ve put together a list of ten things to consider before your next commercial landscaping project.

Determine Who Will Use Your Commercial Landscape

As with any aspect of branding, you need to think about your audience. Are you trying to attract potential clients with a sleek office terrace? Are you aiming to appeal to potential buyers for a new development? Design for your customers above all else.


Decide How Much Time You Want Customers to Spend Outside

If you want your customers to linger on your property, you need a welcoming ambiance. Consider a fire pit, patio or water feature. But if you want clients to move straight into your building, your landscaping should foreground your building’s entrance.

Realize That Location Impacts Landscape Construction

Weather conditions have a huge impact on landscape maintenance. Planting generally isn’t advised in the winter, so if you plan to redesign in the fall, you may need to wait until spring to start construction.

Determine How Much You’re Prepared to Invest in Terms of Landscape Maintenance

All landscapes need maintenance, but some more than others. While lawns are cheap to install, they need regular mowing and watering. Hardscapes are expensive upfront but need less attention. Balance these considerations carefully when planning your landscape.

Identify the Right Species of Plants for Your Commercial Landscape

One of the best ways to make sure your garden thrives is to plant the right species on your location. Each species of tree, shrub and flower has different soil, sunlight and watering needs. Not all plants are suitable for every area. Your local landscaper can help you choose the right plants—usually those that are native to your region.

Consider How Color Can Compliment Your Commercial Landscaping

dding a pop of color to your commercial landscape can help you showcase your brand. Splashes of rose red or bright yellow can catch the eye of passersby. You can even match flowers to the colors of your corporate logo!

Keep Sustainability in Mind

Think about water management and energy efficiency when designing your commercial landscape. Not only will a sustainable design help the planet, it will also save you money!

Think About Size and Proportion for Commercial Landscaping

A strategic use of scale can add depth and interest to any commercial property. From majestic fountains to small decorative stone: add texture to your space!

Plant Large to Small

When you’re constructing a new landscape, it’s important to plant large features first. Start with trees, then shrubs, then flowers. Planting in the opposite order can damage the fragile elements of your landscape.

Never Begin a Commercial Landscaping Project Without a Plan!

This is the number one rule for commercial landscaping. Determine what you want your landscape to say about you and craft a design that will help you realize this vision. Research plants ahead of time and make sure you get the permits you need. If you need help designing your dream landscape plan, contact Grindstone General Contracting. We have years of experience in the landscaping business and can give you the landscape you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us today to learn more!